DIY Painted Ornaments


I haven't bought new Christmas ornaments in years; most of ours are from my prior career working for various retailers and amassing ornaments after each holiday season. 

A few years back though, I splurged on this one ornament, if I recall it was actually from J.Crew, or similar to a collection designed by kate spade:

Kate Spade.jpg

I love the black and white, modern look. So simple, yet elegant.

A lovely Instagram friend forwarded me an IG story of a DIY painted ornament project. It got my creative juices flowing (Thanks Karen! Her name is Karen too. :) and I ran out to the craft store to get supplies to attempt my own version. 

It was super easy and fun! I even got our 10-year old son into it and it was his idea to paint the glittered ones, which I hadn't even thought of doing!


Just a few packs of plain ornaments from the Dollar Store (or use some plain ones already on your tree):


Acrylic paint and brushes (I chose just four colors, to stick to a mid-century modern inspired theme): 


Paint lines, dots, crosses ... as simple or fancy as you'd like. We rigged up a hanger to allow them to dry. 

Here's a quick video of the process. Enjoy and Happy Holidays!