New Midcentury Modern Globe Lights

Just like most of the DIY projects at our house, our hallway transformation has been slow and spread out over the past several years. If you can believe it, our hallway first looked like this:


Can’t say that we miss the carpet, the crown molding, tan paint, nor the “interesting” ceiling lights. Nearly all of that went straight to the dumpster within the first 24 hours we moved in.

Over time, we updated the house with cork flooring, painted the hallway white, and installed the pendants below. At this point we still had the crown moulding, which we finally found the energy to take down. (It still quite unfortunately is present in my office, to someday be removed when we suddenly find some “free time!”)


At the time (we’re talking almost six years ago), we were on a budget and getting new replacement globes wasn’t really an option, so we went with these more urban/modern style pendants with the colored cord, which were at an affordable price point. Really, ANYTHING was better than the Home Depot specials that were there before, so back then, we were quite happy with the new lighting replacements.

Fast forward a few years, and we realized that the pendants just didn’t feel right in the space, plus we have a lot of tall friends and they would tend to nearly hit their heads when walking down the hall!

Being in the design business, I started to discover a bunch of great options for newly designed/manufactured Globe Lights. Not sure how, but I stumbled upon the site Dutton Brown. If you haven’t heard of them, check them out! They have so many fabulous midcentury modern styles and check out all their cool powder coated color options on all their products. We love that they are an American company, and their styles are made-to-order in Minneapolis. We ordered the Cap Flush Mount 8” Globes right around the holidays and they arrived fairly quickly, though it took us another few weeks to finally get them up!

So here are our fabulous new globe lights, which actually look similar to original ones found in Eichlers and other midcentury modern homes. We love them so much! And PS, this wasn’t a sponsored post - we just really do love our new globe lights AND that we discovered this great source for midcentury modern lighting!