Our Vintage Aluminum Christmas Tree


Unfortunately John and I get really sneezy around beautiful real Christmas Trees, so for the past years we have had a fake White Tree. Well after a few years, our (obviously not very high quality) white tree eventually started to turn brown, not able to sustain the warm summers stored in the shed (or perhaps it was just crappy and would have turned brown anyway).

I started researching aluminum trees, inspired by so many of you MCM enthusiasts out there that already own one. They look so wonderful and at home in a mid-century home. So began my quest around Thanksgiving to find one. I didn’t realize that there were quite a number of different brands, sizes, and branch count! I gave my first try at an eBay auction and won my first item! I was relieved that it arrived intact and with all 110 branches accounted for.

The tree is from the United States Silver Tree Company (Scranton, PA). We love that it came in its original box, with each branch carefully stored in individual, original paper packages. How we are going to maintain this meticulous putting away of the tree branches each year in each paper baggie I am not quite sure …. but you can definitely tell how well cared for our tree was!

Each branch is made from Reynolds Aluminum and hence the note: “SAFE FIREPROOF” - so cool!


In place of an original Color Wheel, we opted for a new LED colored light to shine onto the tree. The kids love the different colors and that it’s operated by remote. Vintage, yet modern technology!


So you will find us here in our living room for the rest of the holiday season; lights dimmed, admiring our sparkly metal tree (and kids fighting over what color to change to next). The lights reflect a nice Aurora Borealis effect on the ceiling, which is also fun!

Here is how we put it together. Our family loves a good time lapse video. ;)

Happy Holidays to you!