A Designer's Quest for a New Rug

We used to have a lot more rugs in the house, but eventually they either got super grimy and/or didn't last very long and we have been without any rugs for quite some time. I also prefer the ease of sweeping dirt and dust away with a broom and dust pan, versus vacuuming. But our home is very "live" in terms of sound and we figured a new rug might help to dampen the sound a tiny bit. (Hard to do with two boys who run around with Nerf guns and Light Sabers all the time, but we thought we would try anyway). 

It was fun to see via a question we posted to Instagram, all the great suggestions on where folks like to buy their rugs. From Overstock, to Allmodern, and FLOR tiles to Ikea and Target, there is an endless supply of well-designed rugs. I contemplated bright and bold, to thick and fuzzy and everything in between, but also had budget and quality as my top priorities.

If you are a Bay Area local, you probably already know about it, but if not, Williams-Sonoma Brands has a huge warehouse in Alameda, CA, filled with merchandise from all their brands/stores: West Elm, Pottery Barn, Williams-Sonoma. It's only open on the weekends and they receive new inventory each week, so you have to try your luck with each visit to see if there's anything there that catches your fancy. I scored this past weekend, finding this 9' x 12' Marquis Wool Rug from West Elm at waaay less than you can buy online or at the store. We rolled it up and threw it in the SUV. (You can pay extra for delivery, but worth it if you have a big car or truck to take your goodies home same day).

So here is our new Rug in our Family/Living Room; our youngest started rolling all over it the moment we laid it out in the room, so I guess that means it's been Kid-Approved!

I know it's really light in color, which is a scary thought, but we all love the nice, plush, thickness of the wool. We take shoes off in the house too, but it will most likely be me to be the first one to spill a big glass of Red Wine on it!

Until then, we're enjoying having something soft underfoot; and a nice place to sit down on too.