Atrium Sliding Door to Dining Room


Where there used to be a huge 10'x6' sliding door and transom in the original home, the previous owner walled it up and installed a vinyl window with extra fancy muntins - this also had to go. We had to take down the wall to install our 8'x8' door, the largest that Milgard offered. 2015-04-18 13.46.11

As a reference, this is what this room originally looked like (neighbor's house):


We started from the top and worked our way down.

2015-04-18 15.35.46

2015-04-18 15.35.55 HDR

2015-04-18 15.42.06

Was tempting to leave like this and make a "take-out" window:

2015-04-18 16.31.17

2015-04-18 16.43.11 HDR

2015-04-18 16.43.25

2015-04-18 21.01.18


2015-04-19 18.32.00

2015-04-19 18.51.01

2015-04-19 21.19.14

Waiting to finish up with another glass transom above the sliding door. But now, when you walk into our atrium, you can see right into the dining room. We have quickly put the old window and vinyl siding out of our memory. Too bad the rest of the house is still wrapped in it, but now we know it's not difficult (just laborious) to remove the vinyl siding.

San Mateo Highlands Eichler Home Tour 2014 - Open Kitchen

20140503-IMG_0360 When we heard the announcement of the Eichler Home tour in San Mateo's Highlands neighborhood, we decided to buy tickets, which support the local Highlands Elementary school and offers the chance for a sneak peek into a handful of Eichler homes. We have friends who live in the Highlands and have never visited them, so thought it would be the perfect time to pay a visit and check out (even more) Eichlers!

Here are some of our favorite homes, designs solutions and landscapes. We met many friendly owners/home hosts, other Eichler enthusiasts and Eichler-centric service providers. And so proud to see some beautiful lighting design installations (from my place of employment) in person for the first time. More on that in a bit...

We (well, mostly John, since I was busy taking in every single detail) took a ton of photos. I'll start with photos from the first house we started with and go from there. Enjoy!

House #1:

San Mateo Eichler modern kitchen




Awesome idea - panels that slide to hide the tv:20140503-IMG_0350

I love how the doors are flush with the walls, same as when the original doors were aligned with the luan paneling:




Pocket doors - great way to block noise from the main area and the bedroom wing:20140503-IMG_0359





San Mateo Eichler



Eichler Renovation Project - Progress

Here"s the progress of my recent Eichler Renovation project. I consulted on the paint colors, after finding a scratch through the original original siding (and many layers of paint), and finding a speck of this charcoal color. I convinced them to paint the accent beam orange (from the list of original "Eichler Paint Colors" from my previous post), with a matching orange door to boot. I don"t even think I have any "before" pictures, but let"s just say, it wasn"t this pretty.

Eichler Exterior Paint

Doesn"t the house look sharp?!



Eichler Exterior Paint

The windows have all been cleaned and scraped (old layers of paint) and are SO clear that a few people have almost walked through them.20140403-2014-04-03 12.54.36

This view is neat; you can look through from both the Master Bedroom and main room/kitchen and see out to the beautiful backyard and pool.

Eichler Restoration


Kitchen has yet to be completed, but soon to come, some clean, modern white cabinets within the original L-shaped footprint. Oh, and some beautiful lighting of course. These globes are circa the 70s.

Eichler Kitchen Renovation


Can"t wait to see the shiny white floors; gives me hope for the future of our house and what it can be!

Acapulco Outdoor Chair

I've been scouring eBay and Craigslist for vintage outdoor furniture for the atrium. I hit a jackpot yesterday, after stumbling upon an early Craigslist Garage Sale posting for this coming weekend. The poster uploaded a few photos of the wares he plans to sell this weekend and in one of the photos was an amazing Acapulco woven outdoor chair, which we also sell at my day job. I contacted the poster, (who mentioned he lives in our Eichler neighborhood) to see if he wouldn't mind if I came by pre-sale to take a look at the chair. Fast forward a few hours; I stop by his (packed with awesome MCM finds) garage and eagerly purchase this chair, along with some modern geometric fabric (project TBD). He kindly took me on a quick tour of his Eichler, which was straight out of a magazine. Vintage midcentury pieces (from Eames to Knoll), cool artwork (such as an antique billboard poster covering an entire wall) and a Palm Springs-like landscape design in the backyard. Now I've made a new neighbor-friend and met fellow design-enthusiast!

Acapulco Chair

Acapulco Chair

Outdoor garden baby shower

It's been a scramble the last few weeks, but we were able to get the cork floors done, painting completed (thanks to Dad's help!) and [most] unpacking done so that we could host my sister's Baby Shower this past weekend. Handmade bunting

We've had record-breaking heat lately, so in anticipation of hot weather, we attached one of these handy fabric canopies from Ikea to help provide a little shade in the atrium. John attached it with some rope and accompanying hooks from the roof. Sebastian (excitedly) helped his Dad:

Ikea Dyning Canopy Shade


And here's the beautiful Mama-to-be in the Atrium. The canopy actually acts as the perfect reflector for taking photos:

Baby shower in the Atrium


Next project (for Dad) is our reclaimed wood outdoor dining table, but in a pinch, two folding dining tables did the trick, with some table decor on top. Thanks to our talented friend Brooke for her beautiful floral design.


Garden Party Baby Shower


Baby photos from both sister and bro-in-law:

Baby Shower Decor


Can't wait to meet the new addition to our family!


Baby shower decor


Baby shower recipes - mini crab cakes


Baby Shower Recipes - French Macarons