Master Bedroom

Modern Interior Doors

We are far from "needing" to replace our interior doors. Original Eichlers had wood doors that blended into the mahogany/luan paneling. Ours are long gone (as well as the paneling, though I wish we still had a few original wood panel details somewhere), and have since been replace by traditional 6-panel interior doors. But here's some beautiful products to dream about, from our  friend Matteo's modern design firm, Modernus. Beautiful details, exceptional materials and a clean, modern look that would complement the midcentury modern lines of our house.

Sleek Barn-Style glass doors - wood be so perfect as the doors to the Master Bath. (I'll upload current door photo another time).

Modernus Barn Slider

Light Universal Swing Door:


Wouldn't these be a fantastic modern upgrade to Eichler Closet doors:

Modernus Exit 07

And lastly, this is not for everyone, but this bi-colored glass door is so striking:

Bi-Colored Glass Sliding Door

Progress: Master Bedroom

master+before+after We've now been in the house for almost a month. A ton of progress has been made, but so much more to go (hence not many photos posted of the house).

These are not the best photos... but here's the beginning of transformation of our Master Bedroom.

1. Old carpet removed; cork floors installed. 2. Paint: Walls and trim (thanks to our pro painter, also known as My Dad). 3. Still need to replace door trim and baseboard. 4. Still need to find some fabulous midcentury modern sconces.

Update - here's how it looks with our vintage atomic sconces (and a little gold spray paint to my wire wall accessory):

Vintage Modern Wall Sconces