Eichler Kitchen Renovation - Ikea Cabinet Assembly

Thanks to help from my brother, we got over the fear of assembling the gigantic mound of Ikea cabinets awaiting us in the garage. He helped lay out the assembly line for the first few cabinet bases, showing where to put the screws and parts. Once I assembled a few, working through the rest were easier to assemble, if you laid everything out the same way each time. I constructed about 10 in the first weekend. ikea-boxes-kitchen


2014-06-02 21.37.27


Eichler Kitchen Renovation - Ikea Cabinets

A few days later, our much-anticipated new 6-burner BlueStar range arrived. Thank you to our friends Stevie and Debra for waiting for the delivery for us in the middle of a work day!

Eichler Kitchen Ikea Cabinets

We placed all the base cabinets where the island will be, and the additional wall of cabinets along the far wall. John mounted 2 x 4 platform bases to underneath the cabinets for extra support. Those Ikea plastic legs are supposed to hold up, but we wanted to ensure maximum support for what will be our concrete countertops.

Another few weeks pass as we assemble all the upper cabinets, mount them, and then secure all the cabinets in place. Also thrown in there at some point (it's all a blur), John installed the plywood counter base, which will support the concrete, and so that we would have a working sink and dishwasher again, installed the sink and faucet (which we will have to re-install when we put the counters in).

We also started to hang our coveted Semihandmade cabinet doors, made from Flatsawn Walnut veneer.


San Mateo Highlands Eichler Home Tour 2014 - Open Kitchen

20140503-IMG_0360 When we heard the announcement of the Eichler Home tour in San Mateo's Highlands neighborhood, we decided to buy tickets, which support the local Highlands Elementary school and offers the chance for a sneak peek into a handful of Eichler homes. We have friends who live in the Highlands and have never visited them, so thought it would be the perfect time to pay a visit and check out (even more) Eichlers!

Here are some of our favorite homes, designs solutions and landscapes. We met many friendly owners/home hosts, other Eichler enthusiasts and Eichler-centric service providers. And so proud to see some beautiful lighting design installations (from my place of employment) in person for the first time. More on that in a bit...

We (well, mostly John, since I was busy taking in every single detail) took a ton of photos. I'll start with photos from the first house we started with and go from there. Enjoy!

House #1:

San Mateo Eichler modern kitchen




Awesome idea - panels that slide to hide the tv:20140503-IMG_0350

I love how the doors are flush with the walls, same as when the original doors were aligned with the luan paneling:




Pocket doors - great way to block noise from the main area and the bedroom wing:20140503-IMG_0359





San Mateo Eichler



Desert Eichler - New Eichler Homes

Stop the presses. KUD Properties are building new Eichler homes, built with modern materials and to upgraded standards, but to original Eichler plans. Check out these floor plans; I did not see our 1226 Car Port model, but some of these are familiar plans in our RSM hood or in the nearby Super Eichler neighborhood:

Desert Eichler Modern Homes


And love these interior shots:



Love the windows and close to original exterior detail. Would be nice to see a little more wood panel detail (some accent walls or cabinetry), integral details to the originals, but these definitely have the modern feel to it.

The community is located in the Palm Springs area, but I could see how a new development like this could work in other locales (if you can find affordable land that is). Time for a road trip to Palm Springs, baby!

Renderings by Thomas Sylvia from Modern Homes.

Midcentury Modern Bathroom Remodel

How to update an Eichler bathroom to more modern standards? While I love the many historic aspects of an Eichler home, and especially an original one, I do enjoy the conveniences of a modern bathroom. Here is some inspiration, when we someday tackle or bathrooms, which no longer are 50s, but more cottage-style (no pictures, -- please).

Modern Bathroom Eichler

Modern Bathroom Eichler Remodel

Modern Eichler Bathroom Remodel

Modern Interior Doors

We are far from "needing" to replace our interior doors. Original Eichlers had wood doors that blended into the mahogany/luan paneling. Ours are long gone (as well as the paneling, though I wish we still had a few original wood panel details somewhere), and have since been replace by traditional 6-panel interior doors. But here's some beautiful products to dream about, from our  friend Matteo's modern design firm, Modernus. Beautiful details, exceptional materials and a clean, modern look that would complement the midcentury modern lines of our house.

Sleek Barn-Style glass doors - wood be so perfect as the doors to the Master Bath. (I'll upload current door photo another time).

Modernus Barn Slider

Light Universal Swing Door:


Wouldn't these be a fantastic modern upgrade to Eichler Closet doors:

Modernus Exit 07

And lastly, this is not for everyone, but this bi-colored glass door is so striking:

Bi-Colored Glass Sliding Door