2015: The Snowball Year

As we embark on yet another New Year, I thought it would be a good time to take a look back and reflect on 2015. It was a year of constant renovation and projects -- one seriously tiring, but satisfying year! While we live in California (where there is a severe drought and NO snow)... it was still quite the snowball year for us! We completed the Kitchen Renovation a year ago, right before the 2014 holiday season (and hosting my family for Christmas Eve Dinner). The kitchen itself was complete, but we had not yet started on the dining room, sliding doors, or family room. (or Exterior for that matter.) The more we stood in the new kitchen space, the more we hated the small living area and dining room.

That's what started the "renovation snowball effect" which I know many of you DIYers and homeowners know all too well! After the kitchen, began the transformation of the Living Room area, Dining Room, then Exterior.

Building out the new media wall and installing large windows was a game changer!

Not even sure anymore the order of operations, but we moved on to replacing a bunch of sliding doors and restoring the living room, then somehow got into the exterior of the house too.


LEAST favorite parts of 2015? Ripping down all that siding! Front. Atrium. Back. Ugh.

Removing Siding

Highlights of 2015? -- Most definitely our family trip to Palm Springs, which was a much welcomed break from DIY projects and served as inspiration for design and creativity, and of course fun family time together.

Here is the first "Desert Eichler" in Palm Springs:

Desert Eichler #1

2015-04-07 18.44.33 HDR-1

2015 has also been a very special year connecting with friends (old and new!) who share our same passion and love for midcentury homes, design and DIY projects, whether in person or online. It is still amazing to us how technology and social media have shaped how we can connect with people, all around the world.

Over the summer, we enjoyed a "weekend getaway" up to Sacramento to visit our friends Andy + Karen from fogmodern, attending a fun Rivercats game and a stay at their lovely Eichler home to catch up on their latest DIY projects.

Go Rivercats! (and Giants!)


Fogmodern's wonderfully organized and pretty-to-look-at home office. I wish. 


In the fall, a wonderful Meet-up hosted by our South Bay Eichler friends Karolina + David from dearhouseiloveyou brought a bunch of us Eichler folks together from all parts of the Bay to enjoy great food, company, and house talk. We're well overdue now for another!


This fall, we tackled a few more smaller projects, finally completing the back of the house:

Screen Shot 2015-12-31 at 10.54.11 AM

Eichler Siding Replacement IMG_2065


We hosted the family again this year for a festive Christmas Eve dinner:


And one last project to squeeze into 2015;  new walnut paneling in dining room to come!


If you have read down this far, you really are wonderful! :) Happy New Year to you all. Hope it brings whatever it is that you are hoping for!

See you in 2016!


Karen (and John)



Flooring options for Eichler renovations


We've received a few inquiries about our VCT installation and folks often ask us what other flooring materials would work well in Eichler homes, so we thought it might be handy to put together a flooring roundup. There are a number of factors to consider when choosing flooring.

1. Budget is often top of the list, including per square foot cost, demolition of old floors, and installation fees.

2. Durability and maintenance also need to be considered (Do you have kids or pets?).

3. Style -- how true to midcentury do you want to go? Original Eichler homes were built with both tile (original was Asbestos Tile, now it is Vinyl Composite Tile) and cork flooring.

4. Current flooring and the impact/cost of removing it or prep work needed to lay new flooring over it.

5. Radiant Heating: Does your radiant still work and if not, would you want to have new radiant put in before installation of new floors? We found this post on another site that goes into greater detail with material types and radiant flooring.

Here are a few materials we've seen in Eichler homes:

1. Vinyl Composite Tile or VCT Flooring

Armstrong's VCT in Cool White from one of our past clients (and the tile we installed in our house):


The cost for VCT can't be beat, at less than a $1/square foot (Home Depot/Lowes), not including installation. The tile needs to be properly sealed and coated with a few layers of polish on top and you should be good for several years. Depending on the wear and tear of your floors, the polish can be stripped and re-applied. You can have VCT professionally installed or this project can be doable as a DIY project. Watch out for presence of Asbestos on original tile; ensure testing of presence of Asbestos and if present, Asbestos removal might be necessary, or some tile over their original tile.

Our concrete sub-floor was a mess after removing the old tile and from prior radiant leak damage, so there was extensive prep work and leveling we had to complete before installing the new VCT. This can be an added cost for prep work (Home Depot wanted at least $3K just to prep our floors before installation).

There are a myriad of colors of VCT, from the cool whites to  grays, to deep black, all of which look beautiful in an Eichler.

Here is an example of the dark VCT from a beautiful Concord Eichler that was on the market last summer. Photos via Ken Fox and East Bay Modern and styled by our talented friends at Redux Stage Co.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 3.35.01 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 3.35.01 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 3.34.48 PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 3.34.48 PM

2. Solid Vinyl Tile - SVT Flooring

Another great option is also a composite tile, which is close to a terrazzo tile look. (I love (real) Terrazzo tile!)

Our friend Blaine at Modern Restoration (former Eichler owner and now Palm Springs homeowner/renovator extraordinaire) recently installed Cortina Grande Solid Vinyl Tile in his Palm Springs home. It looks amazing, is closer in look to true terrazzo and seems relatively affordable too - under $5/sf installed. SVT is installed the same way as VCT. Isn't this beautiful? These come in larger sizes too - 16" x 16" which really look stunning. Blaine mentioned this tile looks very close to his Eichler's original tile.

Cortina Grande Solid Vinyl Tile

Cortina Grande Solid Vinyl Tile

Cortina Grande Tile Terrazzo

Cortina Grande Tile Terrazzo

3. Polished Concrete Floors

We've seen a number of Eichlers and midcentury homes with polished concrete floors and love the final look. Here are some photos of a Castro Valley Eichler (thank you Debbie!)

2015-11-14 10.08.57

2015-11-14 10.08.57

2015-11-14 10.09.06

2015-11-14 10.09.06

Polished Concrete Floors in Eichler

Polished Concrete Floors in Eichler

Labor cost for polishing concrete is much higher. Any cracks or lines in your concrete could be visible (though that is neat too, as you get to see the floor's history) and there are a number or stains and applications that can be applied that can alter the final look. Our friends are currently going through some radiant leak issues in their Eichler and unfortunately have had cuts made into their recently beautifully polished floors in search of leaks. :(

4. Cork Floors

Cork was also installed in Eichlers back in the day.

Ours is a dark color, which we installed in the bedroom areas of our home:

Cork Flooring Eichler

Cork Flooring Eichler

It's very gentle on the feet, but so gentle that it gets scratched easily (especially by little Matchbox cars). Cost can be in the $3/sf (before installation). Ours is called "dolerite ripple" from and came in 12 " x 36" planks.

4. Hardwood Floors

We've seen hardwood in various types/stains installed over the concrete sub-floor, from whitewashed grays to light or dark bamboo. Hardwoods can be very durable and costs vary, depending on wood type. We've installed bamboo floors like the photo below in our past home, for around $6/sf (before install.)

This is a San Mateo Eichler with hardwood floors from the San Mateo Highlands House Tour:


 5. Porcelain or Ceramic Tile Floors

An Eichler from the San Mateo Highlands House Tour with tile:


Porcelain and ceramic tile have a wide range of finishes and sizes, which can work nicely in Eichler homes, whether you are going for a very modern white look, or looking for warmer tones like this gray flooring. Pricing can range anywhere from just a few dollars a square foot, to upwards of $40/sf for high end tile designers.

Our friend's Eichler, with rectangle shaped tile, in a staggered pattern:

Eichler Tile Floors

Eichler Tile Floors

Hope you have enjoyed our flooring roundup! Let us know your thoughts or if we missed other favorites.

Eichler Exterior Redux


Our "strategy" when it comes to the prioritization of our home improvement projects has been an inside-out approach. We started with the heart of the home (in our case, the kitchen), then are slowly working our way outwards. So our largest project to date is the kitchen renovation, followed by the living room and media wall, and a bit of work in the dining room. As we worked on the dining and living room, we ended up replacing both the sliding doors that go from each respective room, into our central atrium. That then led to us pulling off all the vinyl siding in our atrium, and suddenly, we found ourselves pulling siding down from our car port wall, then the beams (yes our beams are also covered) ... then trim around the garage door, with the rest of the front of our house to go.

Eichler Siding Reveal

Wait, how are we outside already?! We aren't even done with the inside!

So now that the wheels have come off (or in this case, the vinyl siding), we are starting to think about tackling our house exterior, far sooner than we had planned (and the budget is planned).  I've been gathering inspiration on exterior paint colors from all over, including our recent visits to the Orange and Sacramento Eichler neighborhoods and scouring Pinterest. We have a few paint samples to test out this weekend, but here is the color scheme I have been envisioning:

Navy and Turquoise Exterior Inspiration

We haven't seen a lot of dark navy Eichlers, but after working on the San Jose Ct. Eichler project, I have always admired the crisp, clean lines of a dark colored house with white beams and accent colors. The barn photo above is Polo Blue from Benjamin Moore, which I plan to test on some siding this weekend. The lovely Palm Springs shot is from Flikr and the two on the right are from a MCM Austin AirBnb and the Eichlerforsale website.

We also have some wonderful darker gray samples to consider, though our neighbors (who have an amazing house) next door are also gray, so we want to respectfully "complement" their house.

More to come! We still have yet to pull the rest of the tan vinyl siding off, but once we do, at least we know what color it will be.


Fireclay Tile

Fireclay Tile San Francisco Showroom
Fireclay Tile San Francisco Showroom

We have been looking forward to our end of the summer (and nearly end of the renovation) Staycation, planned around a visit from John's sister and nephew. Right before we went to the Airport to fetch them, we decided to stop by the Fireclay Tile Showroom on Brannan Street in San Francisco to get our backsplash order done. They have a gorgeous showroom, with beautiful sample installations everywhere you look.

Fireclay Tile San Francisco
Fireclay Tile San Francisco

Since we have had their samples on our counter for a few weeks now, we pretty much knew what color and pattern we were going to choose. Turns out the larger wave pattern we thought we wanted did not come in the color we choose, so we made a last minute swap on the pattern. Fifteen minutes later (we had to get to the airport!), our sales person Emily had our order in the system, paid for and due to ship to us in a few weeks (free shipping)!

Fireclay Tile San Francisco Showroom
Fireclay Tile San Francisco Showroom
Fireclay Tile
Fireclay Tile

Sebastian was getting into it too:

Fireclay Tile Samples
Fireclay Tile Samples
Fireclay Tile San Francisco
Fireclay Tile San Francisco
Fireclay Tile
Fireclay Tile

I could think of all sorts of places to put in more Fireclay Tile, but let's get the kitchen done first.Can anyone say Bathroom Remodel?

Inspirational Kitchen Tile Ideas


When people ask, "How's the kitchen remodel?" my answer lately has been, "It's almost almost done." John has been doing some trial and error runs on the concrete counter making, but more on that later (when we finally have a successful counter piece to show/photograph).

In the meantime, I have been spending hours on Houzz and Pinterest for kitchen tile backsplash inspiration. We've narrowed down to two amazing ceramics and tile companies, both offer beautiful product lines, gorgeous color palettes and lucky for us, allow us to support local California based companies.

First, is Heath Ceramics, founded in 1948 by Edith Heath. Heath has a few showrooms in the Bay Area and we ventured to the huge San Francisco Showroom to see the tile in person.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 9.32.17 PM
Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 9.32.17 PM

They offer a variety of sizes, colors and glazes to view. We couldn't decide, so bought several small samples to take home.

Heath Ceramic Tile
Heath Ceramic Tile

I am leaning towards the classic triangle design, which would fit well with the historic midcentury period of our Eichler home.

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 9.32.37 PM
Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 9.32.37 PM

I loved all the colors that Heath offers, but was surprised that there weren't more true orange hue choices. Through Houzz, I discovered another California-based company, Fireclay Tile. They have a beautifully designed website, gorgeous colors, and boast sustainable manufacturing to boot. They shipped me free samples of their recycled (70% post consumer waste, including recycled wine bottles!) clay tile, in some eye-popping hues:  Lagoon, Tangerine, and Turquoise.

Fireclay Sustainable Tile
Fireclay Sustainable Tile

Fireclay also offers all the classic shapes and patterns:

Fireclay patterns
Fireclay patterns

And some really fabulous modern hand-painted patterns. These would be amazing as a wall feature or for our fireplace:

Fireclay Handpainted Contemporary Collection
Fireclay Handpainted Contemporary Collection

I think we have narrowed in on our final choice of main color, but still need to determine which shape and and accent colors we might add.

Might be it's time for a visit to Fireclay's San Francisco showroom for some added advice and eye candy too.


San Francisco Showroom:

901 Brannan St San Francisco, CA 94103

San Jose:

495 W Julian St San Jose, CA 95110

Heath Ceramics - Multiple showrooms, including Los Angeles and Sausalito

San Francisco Showroom: 2900 18th Street San Francisco, CA 94110

Eichler Kitchen Renovation - Ikea Cabinet Assembly

Thanks to help from my brother, we got over the fear of assembling the gigantic mound of Ikea cabinets awaiting us in the garage. He helped lay out the assembly line for the first few cabinet bases, showing where to put the screws and parts. Once I assembled a few, working through the rest were easier to assemble, if you laid everything out the same way each time. I constructed about 10 in the first weekend. ikea-boxes-kitchen


2014-06-02 21.37.27


Eichler Kitchen Renovation - Ikea Cabinets

A few days later, our much-anticipated new 6-burner BlueStar range arrived. Thank you to our friends Stevie and Debra for waiting for the delivery for us in the middle of a work day!

Eichler Kitchen Ikea Cabinets

We placed all the base cabinets where the island will be, and the additional wall of cabinets along the far wall. John mounted 2 x 4 platform bases to underneath the cabinets for extra support. Those Ikea plastic legs are supposed to hold up, but we wanted to ensure maximum support for what will be our concrete countertops.

Another few weeks pass as we assemble all the upper cabinets, mount them, and then secure all the cabinets in place. Also thrown in there at some point (it's all a blur), John installed the plywood counter base, which will support the concrete, and so that we would have a working sink and dishwasher again, installed the sink and faucet (which we will have to re-install when we put the counters in).

We also started to hang our coveted Semihandmade cabinet doors, made from Flatsawn Walnut veneer.


Eichler Kitchen Renovation - Demolition


We are finally nearing the end phases of our very own Eichler Renovation, which started officially in May.

Months of planning, budgeting, and weekend warrior DIY have been very exhausting (did I say exhausting?!), but in that DIY mentality (slightly crazy), has been incredibly rewarding and satisfying.

We'll start to post backwards a bit to get up to speed on all the phases of the project, and soon, be able to show off the Final Reveal!

Removal of all the old cabinetry:

Eichler Kitchen Renovation

Here's John post Hulk Smash Tile and granite Demo:

EIchler Kitchen Renovation DIY

There were definitely better ways to demo the tile, but keeping our costs low, we decided to use the simple sledgehammer instead of what we should've used: The Bosch demolition chisel



2014-05-03 18.45.22



Eichler Kitchen Renovation

2014-05-21 08.09.51 HDR

Eichler Kitchen Remodel



But the place looked like this:

EIchler Kitchen Remodel 

Tip: Use ZipWalls or simply get some Husky thin plastic sheeting in a roll and tape it up to seal off the roof. We rented the buffer at 8pm for a 4 hour slot, but definitely worked about 7 hours 'til 3am, then returned it at 8am to meet the 4 hour window.

Eichler Renovation - Final Reveal

My Eichler renovation side project is finally done. Soon, it will become home to a new set of Eichler owners. I hope they absolutely love their new home! Mark and his team gave extra attention to detail to preserve so many beautiful elements of this Eichler home, while updating to modern standards. It has been a joy to work with him. Remember this? Eichler Kitchen Before:


After: Maintained the same original footprint. New Ikea Cabinets (Abstrakt), modern Galaxy Pendant globes, and new appliances. I convinced Mark (after much persuasion and many samples) to install new VCT floors, in Armstrong's Cool White. Cork and linoleum were original floor materials used in Eichler homes; I love the bright, fresh look that these floors give to the home. And super durable as well.

Modern Eichler Kitchen Renovation

Before:Eichler Kitchen Before 

After: All original windows/glass and doors. Just cleaned Eichler Renovation After

Living Room/Dining Room Before:Eichler Dining Room Before

Living Room After:Eichler Living Room Restoration

Nelson Bubble Suacer Lamp

Atrium Before:Atrium Before

Atrium After:Atrium After

Ok, tired of the befores? Here are a few more after shots - enjoy!

Eichler Renovation After

Midcentury Modern Backyard

Eichler kitchen from outside

Master Bedroom:Master bedroom



Eichler Windows

Modern outdoor sconce

Eichler Renovation

Eichler RestorationThank you Mark for giving me the opportunity to help you preserve this Eichler home back to it's original midcentury modern glory. It's a real beauty! Now we need to get to work back at our own place!

Updates include:

-New exterior paint and trim. I recommended the original dark charcoal color (after finding a spot of it in a far corner for the outside siding, under several layers of scratched paint) and the atomic orange beam accent

-All doors and windows kept original and restored and meticulously cleaned. Original door buzzer kept in tact.

-Original luan panels, oiled

-New VCT (vinyl composite tile) throughout

-New Ikea Kitchen, original footprint

-New lighting -  YLighting, Home Depot & Lowes

-New front and backyard landscaping

-New fencing

San Mateo Highlands Eichler Home Tour 2014 - Open Kitchen

20140503-IMG_0360 When we heard the announcement of the Eichler Home tour in San Mateo's Highlands neighborhood, we decided to buy tickets, which support the local Highlands Elementary school and offers the chance for a sneak peek into a handful of Eichler homes. We have friends who live in the Highlands and have never visited them, so thought it would be the perfect time to pay a visit and check out (even more) Eichlers!

Here are some of our favorite homes, designs solutions and landscapes. We met many friendly owners/home hosts, other Eichler enthusiasts and Eichler-centric service providers. And so proud to see some beautiful lighting design installations (from my place of employment) in person for the first time. More on that in a bit...

We (well, mostly John, since I was busy taking in every single detail) took a ton of photos. I'll start with photos from the first house we started with and go from there. Enjoy!

House #1:

San Mateo Eichler modern kitchen




Awesome idea - panels that slide to hide the tv:20140503-IMG_0350

I love how the doors are flush with the walls, same as when the original doors were aligned with the luan paneling:




Pocket doors - great way to block noise from the main area and the bedroom wing:20140503-IMG_0359





San Mateo Eichler



Eichler Renovation Project - Progress

Here"s the progress of my recent Eichler Renovation project. I consulted on the paint colors, after finding a scratch through the original original siding (and many layers of paint), and finding a speck of this charcoal color. I convinced them to paint the accent beam orange (from the list of original "Eichler Paint Colors" from my previous post), with a matching orange door to boot. I don"t even think I have any "before" pictures, but let"s just say, it wasn"t this pretty.

Eichler Exterior Paint

Doesn"t the house look sharp?!



Eichler Exterior Paint

The windows have all been cleaned and scraped (old layers of paint) and are SO clear that a few people have almost walked through them.20140403-2014-04-03 12.54.36

This view is neat; you can look through from both the Master Bedroom and main room/kitchen and see out to the beautiful backyard and pool.

Eichler Restoration


Kitchen has yet to be completed, but soon to come, some clean, modern white cabinets within the original L-shaped footprint. Oh, and some beautiful lighting of course. These globes are circa the 70s.

Eichler Kitchen Renovation


Can"t wait to see the shiny white floors; gives me hope for the future of our house and what it can be!

Eichler Restoration

I've been working on a fun side project for the last few weeks and finally have a moment to share some of the progress. There's a house in the neighborhood undergoing a restoration, which I have been given the fantastic opportunity to provide consultation on, and, even more exciting (to me at least) the house layout and design happens to be our exact model. So it's like going back in time, seeing many original features of the original house, but also like seeing our house's future, since we have long term plans to bring back some of these exact same Eichler fundamentals that are long gone in our home.

Here's a few "befores":

Original sliding doors, from atrium into living space:

Eichler Restoration

Beautiful unpainted, stained/washed ceiling:

20140308-2014-03-08 15.03.42


Full glass windows and doors to the backyard:


20140308-Copy of IMG_0070

Outside view:

20140308-Copy of IMG_0061

Original paneling flowing from atrium into house: 20140308-Copy of 2014-03-08 14.20.40

Side/Bedroom Side of the house (with door to bathroom):

20140308-Copy of IMG_0060

Dining/Living Room View - All original luan paneling:

20140308-Copy of IMG_0055

Atrium sliding door entrance - see the hint of original dark charcoal paint in the scratch mark:

20140308-Copy of IMG_0052

Original Eichler Kitchen Layout, but not the original cabinets (or globes!):

20140308-2014-03-08 14.14.51

View into atrium:


Ikea Kitchen Planner

Kitchen Planning The kitchen planning project has had (and will continue to have) several stages, of which we are just in the early phases. I have a feeling this renovation will become The "massive project we will always remember, but be so happy it's done."

First, is the dreamy stage, and mass accumulation of Pinteresting ideas and Houzz-worthy photos, saving brochures (the Miele and LBL ones are just so pretty to look at), and tearing, saving, and posting beautiful kitchen remodels articles from the likes of Dwell, AD, Interior Design (Eichler cover feature!) and Atomic Ranch.

Next phase included feeling overwhelmed by all the aforementioned pretty photos, ideas, and possibilities. How big should the island be? What if it is too big? What type of floor? We know nothing about appliances! Wood or white cabinets?

And then realization steps in: How much is this going to cost?!

So this past weekend, we decided to bite the bullet and make the trip to Ikea to really get the planning underway. Big win; we decided to go on a Friday night after work when Ikea was relatively empty and the Kitchen planning Sales people were just sitting around chatting. This trip was just to get confirmation of what cabinets we wanted to go with and how the sizing works. We survived the trip (with two kids in tow - we should have fed them first not last, but I was so ready to get to the kitchens that I made the poor choice to feed later). We will soon go back to make the final purchases and take advantage of their big Kitchen Sale. Next time, I'll stick with Friday night, sans kiddos.

So with the help of our lovely architect BFF Gabs, we spent the following night sketching out where each cabinet would go, defining the work spaces, measuring out and marking with painters tape all the major elements (stove goes here, sink goes there) and detailing out dimensions and cabinet purchasing list with Ikea's [great, but quirky/buggy] Kitchen Planner Tool.

So here's a rough idea of the new design:

Kitchen Plans

And inspired by the famous Faith's Kitchen Remodel on the Kitchn (which I consider a bookmark/must-read for any kitchen renovation, detailing the entire process, including pricing) we are inspired to see what some custom doors from Semihandmadedoors will cost us. I am utterly wowed by their beautifully crafted wood veneer doors, designed specifically for Ikea cabinetry.

Here's how Faith's beautiful kitchen turned out:

The Kitchn - Faith's Kitchen Remodel

And another kitchen renovation inspiration is Stacey's masterpiece at another favorite blog, The Goode House:

The Goode House

Lastly, here is my new love, A Bluestar Range in orange! (Ballard Residence from Houzz):

Bluestar 36" Range - Orange

So next steps include:

  • Await quote on doors and panels (fingers crossed)
  • Order some VCT/Linoleum samples (in cool white)
  • Practice some concrete projects (John, that's for you)
  • Place IKEA order before sale ends (4/27)
  • Order appliances (Range, Sink, Faucet, and Wine Fridge)
  • Order doors (if we can afford them)
  • Plan demo/build phases (aka How Long Can We Live Without a Kitchen)

Midcentury Modern Bathroom Remodel

How to update an Eichler bathroom to more modern standards? While I love the many historic aspects of an Eichler home, and especially an original one, I do enjoy the conveniences of a modern bathroom. Here is some inspiration, when we someday tackle or bathrooms, which no longer are 50s, but more cottage-style (no pictures, -- please).

Modern Bathroom Eichler

Modern Bathroom Eichler Remodel

Modern Eichler Bathroom Remodel

Modern Interior Doors

We are far from "needing" to replace our interior doors. Original Eichlers had wood doors that blended into the mahogany/luan paneling. Ours are long gone (as well as the paneling, though I wish we still had a few original wood panel details somewhere), and have since been replace by traditional 6-panel interior doors. But here's some beautiful products to dream about, from our  friend Matteo's modern design firm, Modernus. Beautiful details, exceptional materials and a clean, modern look that would complement the midcentury modern lines of our house.

Sleek Barn-Style glass doors - wood be so perfect as the doors to the Master Bath. (I'll upload current door photo another time).

Modernus Barn Slider

Light Universal Swing Door:


Wouldn't these be a fantastic modern upgrade to Eichler Closet doors:

Modernus Exit 07

And lastly, this is not for everyone, but this bi-colored glass door is so striking:

Bi-Colored Glass Sliding Door

Modern Kitchen Inspiration


Here are some of the kitchen layout and materials ideas from my Houzz Ideabook that I have been collecting for when we finally begin our Kitchen Redesign.

I would love to bring back some of the Eichler-inspired wood detailing and clean white cabinet doors from the original kitchens. We will be moving the existing kitchen to the opposite wall, turning into a galley-style kitchen and these kitchens share a lot of the same elements.


Progress: Master Bedroom

master+before+after We've now been in the house for almost a month. A ton of progress has been made, but so much more to go (hence not many photos posted of the house).

These are not the best photos... but here's the beginning of transformation of our Master Bedroom.

1. Old carpet removed; cork floors installed. 2. Paint: Walls and trim (thanks to our pro painter, also known as My Dad). 3. Still need to replace door trim and baseboard. 4. Still need to find some fabulous midcentury modern sconces.

Update - here's how it looks with our vintage atomic sconces (and a little gold spray paint to my wire wall accessory):

Vintage Modern Wall Sconces