Desert Eichler - New Eichler Homes

Stop the presses. KUD Properties are building new Eichler homes, built with modern materials and to upgraded standards, but to original Eichler plans. Check out these floor plans; I did not see our 1226 Car Port model, but some of these are familiar plans in our RSM hood or in the nearby Super Eichler neighborhood:

Desert Eichler Modern Homes


And love these interior shots:



Love the windows and close to original exterior detail. Would be nice to see a little more wood panel detail (some accent walls or cabinetry), integral details to the originals, but these definitely have the modern feel to it.

The community is located in the Palm Springs area, but I could see how a new development like this could work in other locales (if you can find affordable land that is). Time for a road trip to Palm Springs, baby!

Renderings by Thomas Sylvia from Modern Homes.