Modern Interior Doors

We are far from "needing" to replace our interior doors. Original Eichlers had wood doors that blended into the mahogany/luan paneling. Ours are long gone (as well as the paneling, though I wish we still had a few original wood panel details somewhere), and have since been replace by traditional 6-panel interior doors. But here's some beautiful products to dream about, from our  friend Matteo's modern design firm, Modernus. Beautiful details, exceptional materials and a clean, modern look that would complement the midcentury modern lines of our house.

Sleek Barn-Style glass doors - wood be so perfect as the doors to the Master Bath. (I'll upload current door photo another time).

Modernus Barn Slider

Light Universal Swing Door:


Wouldn't these be a fantastic modern upgrade to Eichler Closet doors:

Modernus Exit 07

And lastly, this is not for everyone, but this bi-colored glass door is so striking:

Bi-Colored Glass Sliding Door