Outdoor garden baby shower

It's been a scramble the last few weeks, but we were able to get the cork floors done, painting completed (thanks to Dad's help!) and [most] unpacking done so that we could host my sister's Baby Shower this past weekend. Handmade bunting

We've had record-breaking heat lately, so in anticipation of hot weather, we attached one of these handy fabric canopies from Ikea to help provide a little shade in the atrium. John attached it with some rope and accompanying hooks from the roof. Sebastian (excitedly) helped his Dad:

Ikea Dyning Canopy Shade


And here's the beautiful Mama-to-be in the Atrium. The canopy actually acts as the perfect reflector for taking photos:

Baby shower in the Atrium


Next project (for Dad) is our reclaimed wood outdoor dining table, but in a pinch, two folding dining tables did the trick, with some table decor on top. Thanks to our talented friend Brooke for her beautiful floral design.


Garden Party Baby Shower


Baby photos from both sister and bro-in-law:

Baby Shower Decor


Can't wait to meet the new addition to our family!


Baby shower decor


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