So you want to sell your house...


So here were our next steps, conveniently happening right before the Thanksgiving holiday weekend...

1. Prepare house for sale: 72 hours. Yes, it was crazy, but we did it. This includes a newly painted kitchen (and why didn't we paint the cabinets before?!) and new sod (that we would never enjoy).

2. Market and accept an offer on the house: 3 weeks. Thank you to our amazing Realtor, Angie Clay.

3. Pack up, store stuff in a UNIT storage pod and move out - 1 month. We sell the house to a lovely family.

4. Live in a cozy apartment: 4 months

Park Lake Apartments

Me on move-in day


Miles enjoying the "Lake" in the community

And now we are about to embark on making our dream modern home, working with the wonderful aesthetics and design of an Eichler-built home. Which brings me to the next topic that many people ask... what the heck is "an Eichler?"