Atrium Sliding Door to Dining Room


Where there used to be a huge 10'x6' sliding door and transom in the original home, the previous owner walled it up and installed a vinyl window with extra fancy muntins - this also had to go. We had to take down the wall to install our 8'x8' door, the largest that Milgard offered. 2015-04-18 13.46.11

As a reference, this is what this room originally looked like (neighbor's house):


We started from the top and worked our way down.

2015-04-18 15.35.46

2015-04-18 15.35.55 HDR

2015-04-18 15.42.06

Was tempting to leave like this and make a "take-out" window:

2015-04-18 16.31.17

2015-04-18 16.43.11 HDR

2015-04-18 16.43.25

2015-04-18 21.01.18


2015-04-19 18.32.00

2015-04-19 18.51.01

2015-04-19 21.19.14

Waiting to finish up with another glass transom above the sliding door. But now, when you walk into our atrium, you can see right into the dining room. We have quickly put the old window and vinyl siding out of our memory. Too bad the rest of the house is still wrapped in it, but now we know it's not difficult (just laborious) to remove the vinyl siding.

New Eichler Atrium Sliding Door

The vinyl door with the fancy faux muntins had to go - despite the fact that it was a perfectly good door. Our dear Craigslist helped to upcycle the door to a new home. We began by breaking down the soon-to-be transom section to make sure there wasn't still glass up there and to take a peek at the framing, but wanted to remove the door first. 2015-03-22 10.51.35

2015-03-22 12.04.34

2015-03-22 13.29.17 HDR

After the door removed, we continued with the area above the door.

2015-03-22 16.48.20

2015-03-22 18.36.49

We had to prepare the sill and also reinforce the post, which had been terribly sawzalled in half! The previous owner wanted to use an off-the-shelf replacement door from The Home Depot, and needed about 3 inches, so they cut 2 inches from one post, and an inch from the other - ARGH!

2015-03-24 23.31.16

2015-03-24 23.31.20

2015-03-24 23.31.06

We filled in with wood filler and a finishing coat of higher end spackle then painted using an old can of grey paint laying around (final colors for another day).

2015-03-24 23.30.55

2015-04-04 12.43.12

2015-04-10 16.52.04

Milgard Sliding Door Frame Assembly

2015-03-22 18.57.39

We installed the door frame, panels, and hardware.

Next we trimmed out the transom, got a custom piece of glass from Diablo Glass.


2015-04-04 14.46.33

2015-04-05 06.50.43

[Final shot to be added]