antique fairs

These are a few of my favorite (vintage) things...

So one of our favorite hobbies is going treasure hunting, also known as vintage sale/estate sale/yard sale scouring. I love the history that comes with vintage items and most often, the craftsmanship of these pieces is hard to find and/or replicate in modern times. Our first large purchase was this locker set, purchased at the Alameda Antiques Fair. It was painted the standard school beige, but then a few doors were sloppily post-painted turquoise blue. We stripped the entire paint layers down by sanding and grinding. I can still hear the dreaded dentist-like sounds of that project, but I love the finished product. It's great for storage and the kids each have their own cubbies for craft supplies, etc.


The white fiberglass reproduction chair was a steal for $10 at a local garage sale: 20130805-IMG_5849

I heart my Bertoia side chairs and a 50s wire patio side table, discovered at the awesome Sacramento Antiques Mall: 20130805-IMG_5839 20130805-IMG_5832

I finally found a matching chair and now have a complete set of antique school chairs. Both were in really rough shape, but nothing some paint and spray paint (for metal parts) can't cure. The table is yet another project that my Dad helped bring to life. Hairpin table legs from -- you guessed it, Table top from Macbeath. Sizing of table with chairs... a little off, but at least the kids have their own table to eat and play. 20130805-IMG_5825

This mini-display cabinet was a total score, thanks to our dear friend Katie. You know you are 1) obsessed with garage sales and 2) have awesome friends, when you receive by-the-minute texts from friends when they discover vintage items they know you will love. (And buy them for you, so you can pick up later that day). Thanks Katie!! We love it. (and you). The fabric canvas was Ikea fabric found at a neighbor's garage sale, stapled onto an old canvas frame. 20130805-IMG_5808

That's my very first Minolta camera (from my Dad to me) on the left and a Brownie I got for John up in Placerville, another antiques haven. 20130805-IMG_5815

Vintage ice bucket, another garage sale find, thanks to Katie.  20130805-IMG_5819

The famous Pachinko Machine, which after losing out to a cute family at another garage sale, John was determined to have our own and found on Craigstlist. I'll let him post about the history and virtues of the Pachinko Machine, especially a working one. 20130805-IMG_5820 Resources:

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