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Modern Wood Panel Ideas

We've always wanted to bring back some of the wood paneling that was part of the original walls of Eichler homes. Wood paneling brings a nice warmth to the room and I love the thought of integrating natural materials back into the home. Now that we have blown out the old master closet that was taking up part of the original footprint of living space, the need has come sooner than later to find a solution for paneling our new living room media wall.

We've been searching the web for different paneling solutions; here are some beautiful installations:

Warm Wood Panels in Living RoomFrom Dick Clark + Associates via Houzz

Wood Panel Ideas

From Topos Design via Houzz.

And from the nearby Eichler project I worked on, where the original Luan panels were beautifully restored:

We picked up some wood panel samples (Walnut, Mahogany, Beech and Cherry) from Macbeath in Berkeley and applied three different stains to each wood sample. Just like choosing a new paint color, we thought it might be good to see what the wood and stains look like in different lighting. So far, the Walnut Panel with Walnut Finish is one of my favorites. I love the grain pattern in the walnut and this finish is just light enough to show the gradients of the wood, but is also a nice, rich color.

Once we decide, I will stain each panel and John will have to figure out all the detailed trim work. More to come!

Eichler Wood Panel Samples

2015-01-19 20.03.39