San Francisco Interior Designers


San Francisco Interior Designers

There are many factors to consider when looking for a San Francisco interior designer. Depending on the architecture of the home, the functionality of the space, and personality of your life, you’ll need to look for a professional qualified to design a space specifically for you. Interior designers should take into consideration the history, the climate of San Francisco, the building and finishing materials, and your personal style. Below we walk you through what we feel is most important to get the most out of your project.

San Francisco – The Town Full of History, Prestige, and Personality

The thriving city is the host of one of the largest technology hubs, and is filled with new and old businesses, artists, musicians, and talent of all sorts.

Architecture in San Francisco

San Francisco isn’t known for a particular style, but has provided a canvas for many styles because of it’s unique geographical features of hills, valleys, and waterside locations.

Notable Victorians and Gothic materpieces provide historic glamour, while Mission Revival and Contemporary fill the flats with many unique structures sprinkled around. You can find Brutalism and Art Deco – you name it.

Mid Century Modern in San Francisco

One of the most recognized builders of the 50’s was Joseph Eichler, inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright, became a visionary for building moderately-priced post-war homes using modern architecture design. After building tracts all around the City and suburbs of the Bay Area, he also built condominiums, one architected by Claude Oakland on Russian Hill.


The idea was to take the open floorplan and indoor/outdoor design philosophies and apply them to a 32-story highrise where people could enjoy the city views.

Mid-Century Modern Interior Designers in San Francisco

Destination Eichler, a design firm specializing in Mid-century Modern homes, has focused primarily in restoring homes using an era-appropriate approach to remodels. By considering individualistic styles, blending them with styles from the era, and executing using modern materials and techniques, the firm has successfully transformed many mid-century modern homes in California into dream homes that retain the spirit and authenticity of the era with today's modern function.

Mid-Century Flair – Modern and Approachable Design in San Francisco

With multiple housing booms hitting San Francisco, new homes were built, and many existing home were renovated in transitional styles and a few had the luxury to build from the ground up. Some folks went really modern, and others built new Victorians. Our philosophy embraces the finer points of original architecture, but bridges the gap to functionality for modern families. We can help find a vision that makes good design sense and fits your taste.

Design Philosophy

Destination Eichler services San Francisco and Bay Area offering design services, from furniture and accessory selection and color consultation, to design concept creation (2D/3D renderings) and full home renovation/restoration consultation services.