San Jose Interior Designers

San Jose hosts an immense population of diversified dwellers, many with a taste for great interior design style. The home of many startups and well-established businesses, the home marketplace has surged over the past couple decades with high sought after residences in a multitude of architectural styles. Interior designers have been challenged with transforming this city into a high-end mecca for luxurious homes.

Destination Eichler, a full-service interior design firm, has been helping to modernize the city one home at a time, with suitable design reduxes that have enabled old homes to be transformed into dream homes. Here are a few samples.


San Jose Interior designer showcase: Full Redesign from the Ground Up

Located in the Glendale neighborhood, this home began as a full rebuild, going down to the studs and rebuilding the roofline and full layout of the home. The modern landscaping and facade of the home was designed and executed with meticulous attention to detail. A new kitchen, bathrooms, and living areas were designed using 3D renderings to help visualize spaces that were previously non-existent.


San Jose Interior designer showcase:Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen featured Heath Ceramics tile, Semihandmade Walnut cabinet faces, quartz countertops, and high end stainless appliances.


San Jose Interior designer showcase:Living Room

The fireplace tiled with handmade Fireclay tile was newly added to the living area and wrapped in new glass and doors to create a cozy corner with plenty of light.