Launching a New Career

Our new home office studio space, thanks to hard core organizing muscles from our friend Katie at  SpaceLift.

Our new home office studio space, thanks to hard core organizing muscles from our friend Katie at SpaceLift.

For many of you who have been following us here at Destination Eichler since the early days, I am sure you have noticed a gradual shift from demolition posts and photos of the kids with hammers to more design-focused posts and more recently, our clients' interior design projects on Instagram. 

It's been a three-year journey since we first moved into this home. Since the day we received the keys to the house, it has been a mountain of project after project to un-do the previous work done on our house and bring our home back to its roots. Each project has been different, interesting, frustrating and surprising in their own way. However, one thing started to become crystal clear: how much joy and satisfaction we felt in transforming our home into a completely different and improved space.

Over the past year or so, I started taking on clients who began asking us for help to transform their own home, many of them Eichler homes, after following our progress on our blog or Instagram. What started as a client here or there, eventually grew, and suddenly it was becoming a struggle to balance my day job with side client work and family life.

Now we are not in our 20s anymore; deciding to leave a solid full-time job with benefits (and near to home with no commute nonetheless!) was a huge decision for the family. But I hadn't felt passion for a regular "day job" the way I felt when I was helping clients design new spaces for their home. So after much planning and discussion, with amazing support from John and close friends, I recently said goodbye to a great team (you know who you are!) at my old 8-5 gig to make the leap to full time design work.

Thank you to all of you who have been "following" along with us since the inception of Destination Eichler and especially to our loyal Eichler friends/family and MCM enthusiasts. We will still update the Blog with projects on our home projects, (believe us, there is so much left to do!) but you will also start to see some of our other design work, which we hope you will enjoy and will continue to give you inspiration for your own homes. 

Happy Memorial Day weekend, which coincidentally, is our "Eichlerversary" as our dear friends at Fogmodern like to say. (Hi A + K!)