DIY Succulent Gifts

  DIY Succulent Centerpiece Gifts

This was the year of DIY gifts.  So easy that the boys even helped craft these!

All you need:

1. Succulents - available at any garden store or hardware store. In this case, I have been growing them in our garden (and by growing, I mean, we take them from my mom's garden and then plant them in our yard with very little maintenance).

2. Glass vases, canisters, any container. I bought a bunch of glass serving dishes from yard sales for a truly upcycled gift.

3. Small pebbles or river rocks

4. Dirt or Succulent Mix

Layer rocks at the bottom. Apparently this helps to ensure that the water does not rot out the plants/soil.

Layer in dirt or succulent mix.

Place a few succulents into the dirt, then finish off with another layer of rocks.