Kids Modern Loft Bed

Our boys share a bedroom and since we recently relocated most of the toys from the family room to their room, it had become a constant disaster zone. We considered bunk beds, but thought a built-in loft would be a good way to gain vertical living space that included both sleeping and play areas. Here is how we constructed it:20150307-105821 The loft bed is supported at the long ends by two 2x4's, and a 2x2 against the back wall into studs. A 2x6 spans the outside edge that is screwed into the ends of the 2x4's. A 2x2 rail is screwed into the inside of the 2x6 to mount the 2x2 ribs. 1/4" wood paneling went on top of the ribs to finish the platform. Finally, a 2x8 was sistered to the outside 2x6 to give it additional support.

kids-loft-bed-platformWe had almost a 12 foot span to support, and by deck building rules, twin 2x12's can support a 12' span, so was comfortable with just the 2x6 and 2x8 sistered beam, as this is hardly a deck. With the whole family on the loft, there is no flex.

2014-12-29 08.21.35

We repurposed an Ikea above-fridge cabinet from our kitchen renovation (white) as one of the storage units on the floor, and a Land of Nod book case, which lives underneath the table top, an Ikea wall panel. Ikea RIBBA picture frame ledges double as a Hot Wheels track and book storage. It makes cleaning up cars more fun! ;)


We stained the side piece, to give it a finished look, with some walnut stain from our wood panel media wall project.




The SF Giants bobbleheads now have a permanent home!


Additional accessories include under-loft LED lighting from Ikea, some wall baskets, coat hooks, and bedside LED reading lamps. An indoor-outdoor rug provides a cozy place to play on one end of the loft. The rug is so durable, it can even be rinsed with a garden hose!



Modern Kids Loft Bed

We would've liked to have raised the loft about 10" higher, but the window was in the way. Overall, it turned out great and makes the room much more enjoyable.

The project came out costing about $150 for lumber and the kids absolutely love it!

Resources: Lumber Ribba Picture Ledges from Ikea Indoor Outdoor Rug from Land of Nod Hanging Wire Shelf from Homegoods Pencil Bins from Ikea