Eichler Flooring

Original Eichler Flooring

Original Eichler floors were VAT (vinyl asbestos tile) or cork floors, with radiant heat below. Many Eichlers today no longer have these floors intact, and if it is there and damaged, care must be taken to test for and/or remove asbestos.

Below is some original VAT flooring from http://lauren-eichlerkitchenremodel.blogspot.com/

original eichler flooring

FogModern.com had shared a reveal of some original Eichler cork (below):


We ended up opting for some modern cork flooring to replace carpet that was installed after all the original linoleum was scraped up from a previous owner. It came out great and was very comfortable on the feet for both summer and winter. Its affordable at under $3.00/sq.ft. at icorkfloor.com.